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What's New at AppaValley!?!

This past week we met with some potential partners/investors. During our meetings we discussed the size and scope of what we're planning and received a tremendous amount of positive support. We've partnered up with some great local people in our community and together we're working on establishing a ribbon cutting event for SoVa Gardens, and Pennington Gap as a whole, on July 1st, 2021. We're hoping to bring in food truck vendors, local artisans, and potentially some live music. There will be no cost to attend, we just want to include the town in the celebration of our opening day.

For SoVa Gardens, we received some awesome sample products that we were absolutely blown away by, and we cannot wait to make these products available to you. We're excited to open the doors and start lining out some amazing at-home grows. Keep checking in online for pre-orders and online shopping to go live by Mid-June.

Here at home, we've began work on our grow room in preparation of legalization day. It's going to be a while before I am able to deck it out like I have planned; however, I will be shooting a YouTube series on my home grow from day 1. I'll post an update when the first video is live.

We're stoked to be offering our first giveaway. We have a HydroCrunch grow tent kit that we're going to be giving away for free. You can find it on our website and the link will be available on our socials by Thursday, 05/27/2021.

Thanks for checking in.


Orville and the Team at AppaValley

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