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Sova Gardens 

About Us:

Located in the Appalachian hills, SoVa Gardens opened its doors in late 2021, at the end of the Covid lockdowns, and at the beginning of cannabis legalization in Virginia. We noticed the immense business opportunity of the up-and-coming market, as well as its ability to be a catalyst for our “Food Equity and Ownership” vision. One thing that the Covid period taught us all is that being reliant on outside sources for our food supply is a mistake waiting to happen. 


Clean, organic, and locally sourced vegetables, fruits, and herbs are paramount for our overall health. Without local ownership of our food supply we are left to rely on unknown corporations, and potentially tainted food. SoVa Gardens seeks to supply the great people of southwestern Virginia with quality products, services, and information needed to assist in maximizing their growth potential, while promoting our vision of local food independence. 


Our Value:


We provide value to our growers with low-cost, sought after products, and time saving services:


  • Non-GMO Seed Options

  • Seedling and Clone Starters 

  • Organic Potting Soils and Composts

  • Organic Nutrients and Amendments

  • Harvesting Equipment

  • Trimming and Processing Equipment

  • Produce Storage and Preservation

  • Hydroponic and Drip Irrigation Setups 

  • Greenhouses

  • Indoor Tents 

  • Controllers

  • Commercial Indoor LEDs

  • And More


  • PhotoBio PAR Meter Rentals

  • Cannatrol Cabinet Rentals

  • Automated Trimmer Rentals

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